Dental Bridges

If you’re missing a tooth but don’t know how to replace it, discuss your options for a dental bridge with Crestview Family Dental in Santa Clara, CA. A dental bridge can replace one or more missing teeth to restore your smile. This simple procedure gives you a replacement tooth that acts just like a natural tooth.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges fill the space left by a missing tooth or teeth. Crowns anchor the replacement teeth on either side of the gap to improve your smile, preserve face shape, and realign your bite. A dental bridge may also create a more balanced smile and enhance your ability to speak and chew, helping reduce your self-consciousness and boost your self-esteem.

An implant-supported bridge is a longer-lasting alternative to a traditional bridge. Dental implants support the bridge because the titanium screw fuses with the jawbone to create a high-quality restoration.

Once the implant integrates with the bone, a dental bridge can easily be secured to the post. This resolves chewing difficulties and bite problems for many patients. Implant-supported dental bridges also support the surrounding teeth and promote healthy gums.

Who’s a Candidate for an Implant-Supported Bridge?

Most patients with missing or significantly damaged teeth qualify for dental implants. During your visit, Dr. Bindra will assess your mouth for tooth decay, gum disease, and bone loss to determine whether you have enough bone to support the implant. Some patients require additional procedures, like bone grafting, to create a stable foundation for an implant-supported bridge.

What to Expect During the Dental Bridge Procedure

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First, you’ll receive an anesthetic to manage pain and make the procedure more pleasant. Once the area is numb, Dr. Bindra will carefully shape the supporting teeth alongside the missing tooth to create a place for the bridge.

Temporary Bridge

Next, an impression will be taken to create a temporary and permanent bridge. The temporary bridge will be put in place for a few weeks while your permanent bridge is being custom-made.

Final Bridge

When the permanent bridge is ready, the temporary one will be removed and swapped out for the permanent restoration. Dr. Bindra will adjust the bridge to ensure that it’s comfortable for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Santa Clara

The success of your bridge depends on having healthy teeth and gums supporting it. Maintaining good oral hygiene and routine dental checkups is crucial for guaranteeing that your bridge remains intact.

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