Dental Implant Restorations

If you have one or more missing teeth, a dental implant restoration may be the solution. Implants are metal posts inserted into the jaw to create an artificial root. Although implants are primarily titanium, they can also be made from other materials, such as zirconium.

What Is Dental Implant Restoration?

A dental implant is a restoration procedure that replaces a missing tooth. Implants are often fitted with crowns but can also support other restorations, such as dentures and bridges. Dentists often recommend this type of restoration because it can preserve bone and stimulate surrounding tissues. 

Dr. Bindra will determine whether your implant should serve as the base for a crown, bridge, or implant-supported denture. The number of teeth being replaced is a primary factor in this decision.

An implant can be employed to replace a single tooth with a crown or multiple teeth with a bridge or denture. Regardless of your final restoration, your implant will provide the necessary stability to protect your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are a highly effective solution because they resolve multiple problems associated with conventional restoration methods. These advantages combine to restore the patient’s confidence and leave them with a smile they’ll love.

Some of their benefits include:

Bullet point using an orange gear with white check mark on it  They save valuable time
Bullet point using an orange gear with white check mark on it  They don’t require gooey impressions
Bullet point using an orange gear with white check mark on it  They offer a natural-looking appearance

The Dental Implant Process

Crestview Family Dental works with Santa Clara, CA, oral surgeons to install dental implants. You’ll visit their office to determine your implant eligibility and learn whether you need a bone graft to create additional support.

The oral surgeon will use a local anesthetic in the area being worked on during the first surgery to help manage discomfort. Then, they’ll drill a hole into the bone and put the implant in place. Over time, the metal post will fuse with the bone tissue until it becomes part of your jaw.

The incision will be reopened during the second appointment to access the implant, and an abutment will be attached to the implant before you see Dr. Bindra again.

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Once you return to Crestview Family Dental, your restoration will be fabricated to attach to the implant. This may require impressions for a denture or a digital scan for a same-day crown or bridge.

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